History of Asia Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo Federation

The Asia Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (ASKF) was established in 1978 in Singapore. It was in April 1998, on the occasion of the 8th championship held in Melbourne, Australia when the Federation’s name was officially changed to Asia-Pacific Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (APSKF) to accommodate new membership from New Zealand and New Caledonia.

The APSKF formation in Singapore in 1978 preceded the 1st Championship attended by the following countries: Hong Kong, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore

At the 1st APSKF Meeting, Singapore was unanimously appointed as the Secretariat and Sensei Victor Sim was elected as the Secretary General to co-ordinate and expand the Federation. There was no elected President as the Federation was considered a loose organization and no Constitution was drafted In April 1980, the 2nd Championship was held in Jakarta, Indonesia with an addition of 2 more affiliates namely; Australia and Brunei. At this 2nd Congress meeting, the new Constitution of the Federation was adopted and the late Mr Jon Harapan, President of the Shitoryu Karatedo Indonesia (SHINDOKA) was elected as the 1st President of the APSKF. Mr Jon Harapan passed away in 1989. Its tremendous achievements and existence to-day, 26 years after being established in 1978 is the testimony to the tireless efforts, dedication and perseverance of its Executive Council Members under the dynamic leadership of Mr Clement Chen (1989 – 2001) who was the President of Shitoryu Karate Association and a Vice-President of the World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation.

Special tributes must also go to Sensei K Kawata, Honorary Adviser for his dedication and immense contribution to the members of the APSKF. Sensei Kawata is responsible for the warm relationship between APSKF & WSKF. He was also responsible in organizing technical seminars with the objective of raising the standards of instructors in the Asian region. Special tributes also go to the late Shihan Naser S Anwar for his dedication and sterling contributions in the promotion of shitoryu karatedo in the .

The APSKF,s main objective of availing its members, the venues to congregate on rotation, in pursuit of technical excellence, spiritual upliftment, mental prowess and deeper psychologically, philosophical perception of Karatedo has been the contributing factor towards APSKF members’ cohesiveness and impetus for the development and popularization of Shitoryu Karatedo in the Asian Pacific region. Currently, the Federation’s membership on record has increased to 16 with the inclusion of Vanuatu.

In 1996, at the 2nd World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation Championship held in Mexico, 3 senior members of the APSKF namely; Sensei George Tan, Sensei Wong Tuang Seng and the late Sensei Naser S Anwar were appointed as the Official Instructors of WSKF.

WSKF World Championships

1st WSKF Championship – 1993 – Tokyo Budokan, Japan
2nd WSKF World Championship – August 1996 – Puebla City, Mexico
3rd WSKF World Championship – August 2000 – Tokyo Budokan, Japan
4th WSKF World Championship – August 2003 – Moscow, Russia
5th WSKF World Championship – September 2006 – Tokyo Budokan, Japan
6th WSKF World Championship – August 2009 – Beijing, China
7th WSKF World Championship – September 2013 – Nihon Budokan, Japan
8th WSKF World Championship – 2016 – Mexico
9th WSKF World Championship – 2019 – Tokyo, Japan
10th WSKF World Championship – September 2023 – Jarkata, Indonesia

APSKF Championships

1st APSKF Championship – 1978 – Singapore
2nd APSKF Championship – April 1980 – Jakarta, Indonesia
3rd APSKF Championship – May 1983 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
4th APSKF Championship – July 1985 – Singapore
5th APSKF Championship – September 1989 – Singapore
6th APSKF Championship – December 1991 – Kathmandu, Nepal
7th APSKF Championship – Aug 1994 – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
8th APSKF Championship – April 1998 – Melbourne, Australia
9th APSKF Championship – November 2001 – Singapore
10th APSKF Championship – December 2004 – Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
11th APSKF Championship – November 2007 – Hongkong
12th APSKF Championship – June 2010 – Jakarta, Indonesia
13th APSKF Championship – December 2012 – Hongkong
14th APSKF Championship – December 2014 – Singapore
15th APSKF Championship – November 2018 – Jakarta, Indonesia
16th APSKF Championship – November 2024 – Singapore

Other activities organised by the APSKF were:

1st APSKF Technical Seminar – 1995 – Singapore
2nd APSKF Technical Seminar – 1997 – Singapore
3rd APSKF Technical Seminar – 1999 – Kuala Lumpur
4th APSKF Technical Seminar – 2002 – Hong Kong
Referee Seminar – 2003 – Singapore
APSKF Technical Seminar – 2018 – Singapore
APSKF Technical Seminar – 2022 – Singapore
WSKF Technical Seminar – 2023 – Indonesia
APSKF Technical Seminar – 2024 – Singapore

APSKF advocates an open mind policy in as far as the development of Karatedo is concerned. It has also successfully organized Technical Seminars conducted by non Shitoryu Instructors much to the benefit of its members for purposes of knowledge enhancement and comparative studies of karatedo.

APSKF is set for further development and prominence through the members’ solid sense of belonging to the Federation and continued support for its programmes.